Will Eurovision 2023 take place in Ukraine? Questions whether the war-torn country can accommodate

Looking ahead to May next year, fans are wondering if they will be able to attend the contest in the war-torn country which is struggling with the invading nation of Russia.

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Eurovision: Ukraine wins the competition with the United Kingdom in second place

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest cheered Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra to victory on Saturday night – with the band rising to the top of the chart after public votes.

Attention now turns to the 2023 competition – with the winning nation each year traditionally hosting the event the following year.

As fans and voters were ecstatic to see Ukraine crowned the winner after her rousing performance of her single, Stefania, the question arose whether Ukraine will be able to host the event next year. next.

The country has been locked in war since February this year after Russia launched an illegal invasion on the democratic country.

Ukrainian orchestra Kalush wins Eurovision Song Contest 2022


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And there are fears that the war is still raging – making it highly unlikely that the contest could take place there.

The winning group Kalush Orchestra, however, has already said that their country will be ready to welcome music fans around the world next year, as they have been asked to organize the competition if they win.

They said in an interview before being crowned winners: “If we win, the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 will take place in Ukraine. It will be a new, integrated, well-developed and flourishing Ukraine.

And they backed that theory after winning, telling a post-contest conference: “Next year, we hope Ukraine will be happy to host Eurovision in a new, happy and reunited Ukraine.”

That could still be the case if the war in Ukraine was over by then – however, some forecasters fear the battle could rage for five to ten years.

It is unclear whether Ukraine will host the 2023 event



Martin Österdahl, executive supervisor of ESC at the EBU, also raised the possibility of Ukraine hosting the 2023 event.

He said in a statement: “The Eurovision Song Contest is the only cultural event that truly unites Europe. This year it has been more important than ever to unite millions of people around our common values ​​and our love of music.

“The biggest live music event in the world is also the most ambitious live TV show in the world and we couldn’t be happier and more grateful for the incredible job Rai has done here in Turin.

“On a fantastic stage in front of hundreds of millions of spectators around the world, each artist and songwriter brought something unique to the Competition and embodied what this competition is about: diversity, universality and ‘union of Europe on one stage.’

The members of the Kalush Orchestra group are confident that Ukraine will be able to host the event next year



He continued: “We congratulate Ukraine and the Kalush Orchestra for their victory and their superb performance. We will now begin planning for 2023 with winning broadcaster UA:PBC. Obviously, there are unique challenges involved in organizing next year’s competition.

“However, like every year, we look forward to discussing all the requirements and responsibilities of hosting the competition with UA:PBC and all other stakeholders to ensure we have the most appropriate setup for the competition. 67th Eurovision Song Contest.

Some Eurovision pundits predict Ukraine may host the contest from a neighboring country next year if the war continues.

Germany and the UK have been named as possible alternate locations for the Ukrainian contest – but it will likely be weeks or months before plans are finalized.

Australia have competed in Eurovision since they were cleared to participate in 2015 – and a European nation is expected to host the event in their honor if they were to win rather than competitors flying to down the following year.

And there have been five instances where Eurovision was held in a different country than the winning nation – usually because the winners’ broadcaster couldn’t afford to host the event.

In 1956, Switzerland won and hosted the event in Frankfurt, Germany the following year – while the Netherlands won in 1959, but the 1960 event was held in London, UK. United, in their honor.

France won the competition in 1962, but the following year the event was again held in London – while Monaco won in 1971, with the 1972 competition being held in Edinburgh, UK.

Winning nations have hosted the competition in other countries in the past


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The 1973 contest was won by Luxembourg – but the 1974 contest was held in Brighton, UK.

And when Israel won in 1979, the 1980 contest was held in The Hague in the Netherlands.

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