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After a few years in the Cloud, the Oregon Country Fair returns for an in-person event on July 8, 9, and 10, 2022.

The 2022 lineup is filled with Fair favorites like California Honeydrops, MarchFourth, High Step Society and new artists who are destined to become Fair favorites. MonoNeon and Devochka, we’re watching you.

For more information about the Oregon Country Fair, visit oregoncountryfair.org

Oregon Country Fair 2022 lineup:


California Honeydrops

Weedie Braimah and the hands of time

Tribute to Robert Hunter with: Melvin Seals, Scott Law & Lebo


Ron Artis II

March fourth


Russian liquid

High-Step Society

Emilie Kokal

Moorea Masa and the atmosphere

Evan Greer

Ashleigh Flynn and the Riveters

Scott’s Law

outer orbit


glitter fox

candy picnic



muddy souls

Jim Page

Max Ribner



Sweet and juicy

Handmade Moments

Massif of Alcyon

Caitlin Jemma

Free Creatures

Sara B3 & 45 RPM Soul Review


The Chris Chandler Show

Brian Cute

Lewi Longmire

Adam East and Kris Deelane

Trash Joe

Fremont player’s panto

Robin Jackson and the Caravan

Alder Street

Tara Velarde

A side of beets

Masato Group


SageCrow and the herd


living room set

Gossamer Strings

Defeat the crunchers

The solution

Aruna Beth Miriam Rose and Friends

Percy Hilo and Friends

Cassandra Robertson

Charlotte Thistle

Invisible Arts Project

At the Dance Pavilion:

Julia Tsitsi Chigamba & Chinyakare Ensemble

Scott Nice

DJ Prashant and the Jai Ho! dance troupe

Miles Maeda

Heather Christie with Vir McCoy


Vaudeville / Circus / Comedy:

JuggleMania & Co (defendants)

Royal DuCaniveaux Family

Stage Left Presents: Hansel & Regrettal: A Lost Clown Opera

UMO set

circus girl

Mud Bay Jugglers with Friday’s Bag

Pink City Circus

Leapin’ Louie goes to war!

New Old Time Chautauqua 2022

Marching Band/Orchestra Karma Battle Instruments

Tom Noddy’s bubble magic

Bellini Family Circus

shoe horn

On the Caravan Stage:

The Bedouin Spice Orchestra

Caravan Stage Dancers Michelle Alany and the Mystics

Flamenco Space

Spoken word:

The Witches Muse Podcast

Laurence Cole Song Circle

Michelle Ruiz Keil

Laura Stanfill

Sanyu Estelle

Long Tom Catchment with David Turner

Hair: racism, sexism, ageism

Jaya Lakshmi

Psychedelic Witchcraft with Tom Hatsis

Fooble the Dragon

Dreamscapes Academy

lars adams

Motivating hip-hop fusion with Kemy Joseph

History & Mystery OCF with Sean Ahearn

Dr. Atomic Medicine Show


Arame walker

Cycling Adventures with CelloJoe

Poetry showcase

stand up comedy

The art of storytelling

On the youth scene:

Linda Yapp the lemon drop fairy

Amber Moon

Garden Critter Academy Puppets

The madness of fortune

Ras Gabriel & Joe Ginet

Uncle-B, Aunt-E and J-Dog

Teaching Storytelling with Lucky Ortiz

Who feels young now

Kai Heartlife, poetic juggling

fox and bone

JenUwin the Unicorn with Fooble the Dragon

Luna and Julia Puppet Set

Miles Grace

Moe’s Family Group

Giant puppets save the world

Atmosphere on the Way:

Calliope Circus: Dare to be here!

Primal Soup Puppet

Catz meow! with the AristoCatz

Little chicken

Peachi the Dragon Parade

Mystics of Nibiru

Risk of change

Galactic Diva

Party People Aerial Work

Snow, living statue

Statuette Vintage!

Coyote Rising giant puppets

Little Bo Peep and the Nonconforming Sheep


Jonny Hahn

The Radar Angels

Last Breath Sweep Band

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