Dazzle Announces “Move to the Music” Large Ensemble Performance Series

Denver, it’s time to move on to music. Welcome to the Dazzling Age of Denver music scene.

Dazzle presents an explosion of Grand Ensemble performances, most Monday evenings at 7:00 p.m., starting July 11.

Music engages the senses, stimulates creativity and imagination, and stimulates meaningful interactions between us. Community music-making has long been a part of Colorado’s artistic and cultural fabric, from big band to mariachi. It’s great acting, relatable songs, and rhythmic flows that make people feel the beat and get up and running.

Each of these large ensembles is made up of a combination of full-time professional musicians and highly skilled amateur musicians, playing side by side to create music. Whether it’s tapping your feet, nodding your head, or taking full advantage of the dance floor, these great sets will have you feeling the music in every cell of your body.

Since 1860, the Denver Municipal Band has been the oldest continuously playing professional concert band in the United States. Swing evolved from blues and jazz, and Colorado played a key role in that evolution. Glenn Miller, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington all pioneered music here, with performances at Elitch Gardens and Rainbow Music Hall from the 1930s to the 60s. These legendary groups all nurtured young stars and future conductors, which Dazzle hopes to continue to do by bringing this weekly series to Denver.

Experience the music as it evolves to reflect today’s diverse community with large ensembles featuring young composers Annie Booth and Ben Markley, carrying on the traditions of Colorado big bands, and Mariachi Alma Del Folklore, Colorado’s first and only all-female mariachi band.

It’s time for the Colorados to get back in motion, to invent new dances inspired by the frenzied rhythms of the new Big Ensembles of Colorado. It is now. Jump into the excitement of swing music. Immerse yourself in this rhythm and rekindle the joy of movement as a community.

Get ready to jump, leap forward, fill the bandstand and let out some cheers. Let the music feed your soul.

July 11 – H2 Big Band: A healing message for Al Hood
July 18 – Denver Jazz Orchestra
July 25 – Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra
August 1 – to be determined
August 8 – Annie Booth Big Band
August 15 – Zaremba Jazz Scholarship
August 22 – Mariachi Femenil Alma del Folklore
August 29 – Flatirons Jazz Orchestra
September 19 – Gavin Worland Big Band
September 26 – Denver Municipal Jazz Band
October 3 – Hugh Ragin Creative Ensemble
October 10 – East Meets South: A Collaboration of Groups

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