Monthly Archives: February 2021

The Chris Woods Groove Orchestra virtual set is a celebration of guitar playing |

Composed by the Chris Woods Groove Orchestra and commissioned by Elixir Strings, Octet is a multi-faceted arrangement by eight musicians from around the world, with each section written with the specific guitarist in mind, as Chris Woods explains. “I started writing the piece by quickly creating a bank of different …

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The “Music for Marquette” initiative of the Orchester symphonique de Marquette introduces the elderly to music

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – In December, the Marquette Symphony Orchestra raised nearly $ 5,000 through Giving Tuesday to launch the Music for Marquette initiative, providing live, professional and trained musical performances to seniors who cannot have in-person visitors during the pandemic. “I just know that playing music for someone can …

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