“Our music is conquering Europe!” : Ukrainians celebrate their country’s victory in Eurovision

Ukraine’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest lifted the spirits of those still in the war-torn country.

For many on the streets of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, the news that the Kalush Orchestra has won popular support has given people a reason to smile.

“It’s very important for us because it means people in Europe support us,” one woman told Euronews.

“Even other countries have given us so many votes. That’s why we feel supported by everyone in Europe”.

“We are very proud of our guys who won Eurovision,” said another person in Odessa.

“It is very important, not only for us but for the whole of Ukraine.”

President Zelenskyy also underlined the importance of the victory for his country.

“Our courage impresses the world. Our music conquers Europe! Next year Ukraine will host Eurovision! For the third time in its history. And I believe – not the last,” he wrote. on the Telegram app.

“We will do our best to welcome Eurovision participants and guests to Ukrainian Mariupol one day.”

Despite celebrations across Ukraine, some have stressed that it is more important that concrete help, such as money and weapons, follow suit now when their country needs it most.

“The yes support warms our hearts, but we would like to see more action…close the skies and everything,” a woman in Odessa told Euronews.

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