How to survive motherhood by imagining yourself as a conductor

Try this if you are consumed with the hectic pace of family life.

Do you often feel overwhelmed, even though everything has been carefully planned? Do you constantly try to make family activities run smoothly and do you have to deal with frequent quarrels? If so, wWhat can you do to break this cycle?

“For when I am weak, then I am strong “

It is naive to imagine that with all you need to do, your workload will become lighter, the number of children you care for will decrease, and your busy work schedule will be renegotiated.But what really makes your day difficult is that help seems nowhere to be found. Our highly individualistic society can engender guilt in mothers who cannot provide constant and undivided attention to each of their children.

But what if you try a different approach and decide to trust your kids? Was it not Saint Paul who said: “For when I am weak, then I am strong” (2Cor. 12:10)? Don’t try to be a perfect mom; Rather, imagine yourself as a conductor, seeking harmony without necessarily recalling each score in detail. The conductor has all his musicians play together and gives everyone the chance to shine. Playing the violin alone is a performance; playing a concerto together is a colorful journey. What is the point of the first violin if it does not manage to give the right tempo to the others?

Find the right rhythm

Encourage your children’s love for each other and recognize each other’s talent by making it available to the whole group.So a sibling who is good at math or writing can help the whole family with their homework. Each of them deserves the gratitude of those they have helped, including mom!

Little by little, your children will become sisters and brothers in Christ who will be able to play the symphony of their lives at the right tempo, led by a stick in your hand.

Inès de Franclieu

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