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Country music star Nathan Carter returns to the Armagh City Hotel on Tuesday December 27, 2022, with special guest Claudia Buckley.

Nathan Carter spent his childhood in Liverpool although with family roots in Newry, Co Down, it was inevitable that Nathan would have a strong Irish influence in his music.

Born to play, Nathan learned to play the piano accordion as well as becoming a gifted singer, becoming head chorister of the Liverpool Boys’ Choir, winning numerous music competitions as a teenager and playing in bands.

Moving to Ireland Nathan’s career blossomed and after a big hit with ‘Wagon Wheel’ in 2012 he became an established star in Ireland.

Described by many Irish media as a breath of fresh air.

Nathan recently released his new studio album ‘Irish Heartland’ which features collaborations with a number of artists including a duet with the High Kings, as well as a performance with Finbar Furey, Cherish the Ladies and backed by the Orchestra Bulgarian Symphony.

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Tickets go on sale Saturday, May 21 at 10 a.m.

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]]> Best country music duos of all time – 24/7 Wall St. https://10nyo.net/best-country-music-duos-of-all-time-24-7-wall-st/ Tue, 17 May 2022 14:00:39 +0000 https://10nyo.net/best-country-music-duos-of-all-time-24-7-wall-st/

What’s better than a country song sung by your favorite performer? How about one sung by two of them, in perfect harmony? Country music has produced a number of memorable duets involving husbands and wives, fathers and sons, fathers and daughters, and combinations of artists from other genres. (Sometimes couples push boundaries. Here are 25 bizarre musical collaborations.)

To compile a list of the best duos in country music history, 24/7 Tempo reviewed the lists of Grammys and Country Music Awards and nominations in relevant categories, plus lists of top country duos on sites including wide open country, Country Thang Daily, All Nash, Rotating ditty, Flayer and private soldierthen curated the list to represent key figures and hit songs in the traditional, modern, and alt.country categories of the past 71 years.

The duets that have brought together some of country music’s finest performers – from Patsy Cline to Dolly Parton to Kenny Chesney – have been a staple of the genre. Keeping it in the family, husband and wife team Chris and Morgane Stapleton have turned “You Are My Sunshine” – Louisiana’s state song – into an affirmation of family and partnership. Through the use of technology, the late Hank Williams and his son, Hank Jr., were reunited in a music video, singing “There’s a Tear in My Beer.” (These are the biggest country music stars of all time.)

While many country songs are about poverty, lost love, personal demons, and redemption, others have tackled larger issues. Alan Jackson and George Strait used the song “Murder on Music Row” to speak out against the commercialization of country music and how it disconnected it from its roots. Eric Church and country and blues singer Rhiannon Giddens have teamed up to perform “Kill a Word” following messages of hate and intolerance during the 2016 presidential election.

Click here to see the best duets in country music history

Country music is known for its various subgenres, and the country rap theme burst onto the music scene in 2019 when “Old Town Road,” performed by country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and rapper Lil Nas X, hit the music scene. set records on the charts. .

No list of duets would be complete without a mention of notable artists singing about alcohol. Among them, “The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’” by Travis Tritt and Marty Stuart. Jackson and Jimmy Buffett’s “It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere” is as much working-class lament as it is happy hour nirvana.

The country is in mourning after the Buffalo shooting – Houston Public Media https://10nyo.net/the-country-is-in-mourning-after-the-buffalo-shooting-houston-public-media/ Mon, 16 May 2022 23:47:54 +0000 https://10nyo.net/the-country-is-in-mourning-after-the-buffalo-shooting-houston-public-media/

People gather outside the scene of a supermarket shooting, in Buffalo, NY on Sunday, May 15, 2022.

Town Square with Ernie Manouse airs at 3 p.m. CT. Tune in to 88.7FM, listen online or subscribe to Podcast. Join the discussion at 888-486-9677, questions@townsquaretalk.org or @townsquaretalk.

The country is again in mourning.

Ten people died and three injured in a mass shooting at a supermarket on Saturday in Buffalo, New York.

Almost all of the victims were black.

The shooter – an 18-year-old white man – is believed to have authored online writings outlining his white supremacist ideologies and plan to target the black community.

Authorities are investigating the racially motivated hate crime and are also considering terrorism charges.

Why does this keep happening? How do you stop not only gun violence but also hate crimes? And what is the role of social media and misinformation?

Today we are here to discuss and hear from you.

How do you deal with what happened in Buffalo? How do you react to this news again?


Reverend Dr. Angela Ravin-Anderson

  • Co-Head of Social Justice Ministry at Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church

Dr. Jeff Temple

  • Psychologist and director of the Center for Violence Prevention at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Kurt Braddock

  • Assistant Professor at the American University School of Communication
  • His areas of research include extremism, white supremacy, radicalization, disinformation and domestic terrorism.

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“Our music is conquering Europe!” : Ukrainians celebrate their country’s victory in Eurovision https://10nyo.net/our-music-is-conquering-europe-ukrainians-celebrate-their-countrys-victory-in-eurovision/ Sun, 15 May 2022 17:55:23 +0000 https://10nyo.net/our-music-is-conquering-europe-ukrainians-celebrate-their-countrys-victory-in-eurovision/

Ukraine’s victory in the Eurovision Song Contest lifted the spirits of those still in the war-torn country.

For many on the streets of the Ukrainian port city of Odessa, the news that the Kalush Orchestra has won popular support has given people a reason to smile.

“It’s very important for us because it means people in Europe support us,” one woman told Euronews.

“Even other countries have given us so many votes. That’s why we feel supported by everyone in Europe”.

“We are very proud of our guys who won Eurovision,” said another person in Odessa.

“It is very important, not only for us but for the whole of Ukraine.”

President Zelenskyy also underlined the importance of the victory for his country.

“Our courage impresses the world. Our music conquers Europe! Next year Ukraine will host Eurovision! For the third time in its history. And I believe – not the last,” he wrote. on the Telegram app.

“We will do our best to welcome Eurovision participants and guests to Ukrainian Mariupol one day.”

Despite celebrations across Ukraine, some have stressed that it is more important that concrete help, such as money and weapons, follow suit now when their country needs it most.

“The yes support warms our hearts, but we would like to see more action…close the skies and everything,” a woman in Odessa told Euronews.

Will Eurovision 2023 take place in Ukraine? Questions whether the war-torn country can accommodate https://10nyo.net/will-eurovision-2023-take-place-in-ukraine-questions-whether-the-war-torn-country-can-accommodate/ Sat, 14 May 2022 23:59:00 +0000 https://10nyo.net/will-eurovision-2023-take-place-in-ukraine-questions-whether-the-war-torn-country-can-accommodate/

Looking ahead to May next year, fans are wondering if they will be able to attend the contest in the war-torn country which is struggling with the invading nation of Russia.

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Eurovision: Ukraine wins the competition with the United Kingdom in second place