Full coverage by Joseph Flaherty in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this morning about a Little Rock City board discussion yesterday about the growing problems at the Great Country Castle apartments at Colonel Glenn and at the university.

The water service may soon be cut off. Electrical service is also questionable. There are gas line problems. The owners of the apartments have been summoned to appear before the Environmental Court for violating the code. Crime has also been a problem.

The biggest problem: the fate of the tenants. Many cannot afford to move.

Nine tenants have written to Mayor Frank Scott Jr. and the City Council. They cite the dangerous conditions. They note that utilities are supposed to be covered by rent, but tenants have been told that electricity and water bills have not been paid. They would like to move, but lack the resources. They therefore urge the city not to close the apartments without first working “to find and secure the resources necessary to help us”. Tenants include the elderly, disabled and families and they fear their survival will be compromised without shelter in the extreme heat.

Neal Sealy from Arkansas Renters United, sending a copy of the letter to city officials, noted that the owner of the New Jersey apartments owns other complexes in Little Rock and North Little Rock. He provided a link to an article about complaints against the owner of Little Rock and other places.

Sealy also noted that the former Mayor Mark Stodola last year acted as counsel for the owner of the complex in a case before the environmental court.

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